Why is there a CivAsia?

Formally launched in 1997, Civitas Asia or CivAsia are annual conferences in education and culture that are anchored together by an arching theme: civilization is constituted by reasoned conversation.

Every year since 1997, the Civitas Asia National Student Conference has been conceptualized and organized by well-experienced student leaders of various organizations in the university. CivAsia has served as a venue for student leaders from all over the country to engage in insightful discussions on socially relevant issues. The conference features a series of meetings with leading experts and breakout sessions among the student delegates with the objective of arriving at common principles of action and resolutions that assert the significance of youth involvement in building the future.

More than a year ago, the United Nations Development Programme established the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) which serve as the target of society in a global scale for the future’s benefit. With that it generated collaboration and partnerships among individuals and organizations. In the Philippines, a number of organizations and programs have implemented conferences, seminars, and symposia for the youth for awareness and engagement in achieving the SDGs.

The University of Asia and the Pacific will hold its annual Civitas Asia National Student Conference (CivAsia) on March 1-3, 2018. CivAsia 2018 unleashes the potential of millennials in achieving the given sustainability goals. This year’s theme Ready, Set, Go: OTW to Sustainability hopes to empower the youth to create positive impact to society. The first two days of CivAsia will consist of talks to be given by key experts on the youth’s role in advocating the SDGs. The delegates will be divided into clusters. As an output, each group has to come up with either an advocacy campaign and concept paper that they shall present during the second day of the conference. The third day will be allotted for an exposure trip to a community built through the efforts of a renowned NGO.

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