Let’s talk about my experiences within the Civitas Asia National Student Conference held at the University of Asia and the Pacific last April 6-8, 2017.
It started this way! Upon learning about the said event through a post by a friend on a social networking site, I eagerly asked the qualifications for a person to become a delegate of the event. Luckily, it’s open to everyone! Well, it’s really a great opportunity for graduates of state and local universities to be able to attend a prestigious conference joined by hundreds of delegates from all around the country. Upon entering the premises of UA&P, the ushers had a great job assisting and leading us to the Li Seng Giap auditorium.
While at the Li Seng Giap auditorium, we were asked to register. I must tell, one reason I really wanted to attend this conference was that of the great lineup of key resource person, particularly, Ms. Pinky Webb, alongside Prof. Richard Heydarian.
Working as an intern at Nine Media Corporation – CNN Philippines made me realize many things. The student conference was a 3-day seminar but still, I got to learn something very unique and new. One of them was the fact that millennials play a much bigger role nowadays, tagging them as “future agents of the society.” I got to meet new people and build friendship with them. I must really commend the organizing committee for doing such a spectacular job on putting up this conference. Well, as CivAsia celebrated its 10th year anniversary, my expectations were met and were greatly surpassed.
I had never attended any conference like this before and much to my delight as an individual, I have to appraise people behind this, for opening it to all types of people. The key resource persons were really in sync. Every one of them had a say on what the role of the youth is on different perspectives such as youth, sports, and digital technology.
I’m looking forward to more events like this!
By: Aldhen Huenda, Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Manila
Categories: Testimonies

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