Formally launched in 1997, the Civitas Asia National Student Conference has been inspiring, educating and connecting students from all over the country. Popularly known as CivAsia, student leaders from the University of Asia and the Pacific organize this annual conference to encourage dialogue and collaboration among fellow students who want to better understand and contribute to a better future for society.

The word, “Civitas” refers to civilization. As an event that connects students from different high schools and universities, CivAsia seeks to promote the development of civilization through the youth. Each year, the theme of the conference challenges young leaders to act towards the positive progression of society. As such, over the past 20 years the conference has focused on different societal issues such as human ecology and youth empowerment.

To give delegates a rich understanding of the different topics, the conference has invited many esteemed speakers such as Architect Felino Palafox, jr., Ms. Merlee Jayme, Ms. Pinky Webb, Prof. Richard Heydarian, Dir. Pepe Diokno.

One of the hallmarks of CivAsia is the active participation of delegates, expressed in the various projects the conference has offered. As a call to action and a response to the different issues raised, the participants have been engaged in contests such business proposal writing or advocacy campaigns throughout the years

To further enrich the experience, delegates have also been given the opportunity to engage with different organizations. In 2016, participants visited GK Enchanted Farms to better understand human ecology. Last year, Habitat for Humanity gave a workshop on action-plan making (you can read more about that experience here).

CivAsia 2018 unleashes the potential of millennials in achieving the given sustainability goals. This year’s theme Ready, Set, Go: OTW to Sustainability hopes to empower the youth to create a positive impact on the society.

To learn more about the 17 Sustainable Goals, click here

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