More than a year ago, the United Nations Development Programme established the Sustainable Development Goals, also known as the SDGs. These are different targets for society set on a global scale. The term “Sustainability” means that the actions for progress that we set today have a long-term, positive impact on future development. The SDGs revolve around different facets: poverty alleviation, health, education, environment, etc. Given the scope of the SDGs, organizations and individuals across the globe have begun collaborating towards their achievement. Various institutions have adopted this policy due to the recognition of its potential breakthrough. In the Philippine context, numerous establishments and programs have implemented conferences, seminars, and symposiums for members of the youth to be more aware and engage in achieving the SDGs.

Sustainable Development Goals

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As a premier annual conference in the Asia-Pacific, CivAsia 2018 unleashes the potential of millennials in achieving the given sustainability goals with the theme Ready, Set, Go: OTW to Sustainability. The conference features a series of lectures from credible and charismatic speakers, a workshop, breakout sessions wherein the delegates are to collaborate in order for them to come up with an advocacy video and a proposed solution affiliated to their chosen SDGs, and finally an exposure trip to a social enterprise.

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